Beyond Custom Upholstery in Boca Raton

September 20, 2017


2017, is proving to be an exciting year in the world of interior design and upholstery in Boca Raton. The trends currently taking the market by storm enable people to express individuality and uniqueness making sure that your home is a reflection of your personality. Across Boca Raton interior design trends, it is evident that simplicity and the philosophy that less is more for creating the perfect personalized stylised home or commercial venture. Upholstery in Boca Raton has become increasingly focused on minimalism and simplicity. Instead of a home filled with copious amounts of furniture, art, and accessories, interior design in Boca Raton aims to encourage fewer simple, clean-lined furniture pieces that support a handful of thoughtfully-chosen focal points.


Furniture in Boca Raton is being downsized as it is now the argument of quality versus quantity. This approach applies to all interior design objects in the home, not just furniture, the same applies for art work and accessories. As the trend towards minimal living and owning less continues to thrive a return to stylish-yet-functional storage solutions that lend themselves to small-space living are now rising. The idea being to declutter and live in an environment that is stress-free whereby everything should have a purpose This can be a difficult task when deciding what to keep and what to throw away. An interior designer can. help, such as a professional from Executive Elegance, who can advise you and help you take out pieces that won’t work.


Let’s talk colors! According to Pantone, a company known for predicting industry color trends, green is the official color of 2017. Saturated jewel tones such as emerald and earthy yellow-greens along with warm neutrals and splashy shades of blue and orange. Perfect for Boca Baton upholstery! Jewel tones are very attention grabbing, so the juxtaposition of bold color and neutral tones can liven up the overall interior. These rich elements and tones really do add to the Boca Baton feel.



Another trend to follow closely is mixed materials. Across the entire Florida region, you can see a rise in minimalist and industrial design with the mixing of metal and marble, glass and metal, metal and wood, wood, and glass. For example, a mix of materials such as rope, metal, and walnut veneers brings a modern, organic feel to any style. The unexpected mix of materials, finishes, and textures breathes life into any space. Brass, chrome, and black lacquer can all look great in the same space if done right. Or try blending different finishes of the same material, such as matte gold and metallic gold. This works well in kitchens (faucets, cabinetry, hardware, shelving—even wine racks).


Window treatments are another essential feature of any room that can shape space.  Window treatments professionals, designers, vendors, and manufacturers often specialize in different types of window coverings. Some handle shutters and/or blinds, while others work primarily with fabric treatments such as swags and valances. Still, others focus on high-tech automated shades or louvers. Curtains in Boca Raton, as an important window treatment, are becoming more popular as boutique living is growing in popularity.


The boutique living style is all about making your home feel like your own personal little getaway. The trick is to curate the right art collection, books, bedding, and accessories that will make your home seem like a boutique vintage space. Bring in some tropically inspired pieces to add uniqueness and set your own standard of interior design in Boca Raton. This will add a sense of casual worldliness to your home. Not only will you feel as if you are on vacation, your guests will feel welcome and relaxed in your home. This means hiding or clearing your home of clutter, choosing bright, cheerful bedding, opting for furniture that’s easy to clean or has removable cushion covers and taking advantage of natural lighting.


Terracotta and cork are two design trends that fit perfectly in Florida decor. They add style, warmth, and casual comfort to spaces. The “new” terracotta has a natural, matte finish and earthy tones that look great on floor tiling or accent walls. Cork is often found on coffee table bases as well as accent walls – it’s great for absorbing noise.


With over 42 years of experience, Executive Elegance works with homeowners, interior designers, business owners and architectural companies on both residential and commercial/hospitality projects. Interior design and upholstery in Boca Raton or any location can seem an overwhelming task, however, don't worry because Executive Elegance works to provide uncompromising upholstery services to customers from all walks of life. Our staff, led by owner Carlos Cardona, specialize in upholstery and custom interior services for varying venues including residential, commercial, automotive, and marine. From bedroom furniture to your businesses lounge, our diversified hand-made services continue to capture the preference of consumers, business owners, and designers across South Florida and beyond.




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