Interior Design in Boynton Beach: Transforming Space

September 20, 2017



Creating the perfect room is often a challenge and sometimes the right piece of furniture to fit is even harder to find. Executive Elegance provides upholstery and interior design services in Boynton Beach, we can build a unique piece of upholstered furniture just for you. Our furniture is built by skilled craftsmen and can be made to your exact specification and upholstered in a fabric chosen from the huge range available. It is clear when looking at the trends of furniture in Boynton Beach that vibrant styles and contemporary features are evolving. Your home is an extension of who you are; a way of showing the world your personality, style, and creativity.


An interior designer in Boynton Beach is important to ensure that you have the right color selection and layout of furniture pieces that are beneficial on the planning stage of your home renovation or construction project. An experienced and professional interior designer, like Executive Elegance, has all the connections to all the people that you need to ensure that you get the best home interior design that you want. We have expertise in finding the right materials and products for your needs. The guidance and assistance of an interior designer in Boynton Beach will help you prevent costly mistakes in purchasing the wrong products and materials for your home improvement or construction project.


For example, a favorite or well-loved piece of furniture can be transformed by re-covering it or upholstering it in a new fabric. The possibilities are endless for unique furniture in Boynton Beach! Fabrics that you might never have imagined on your furniture or even in your home can revitalize an entire room - with just one piece. Why not try contemporary fabrics and colors on traditional furniture; combining more than one fabric on a chair or a sofa; or using a traditional design to fit with the style of your home? Executive Elegance can help you find the right fabric for your furniture, your home and you.


One of the biggest upholstery trends in Boynton Beach is mixed patterns, the richness soothingly helps anchor a room with enticing and mismatched patterns. We are also witnessing a sharp increase in textural level engagements. It’s all about texture! How our furniture feels! Touch is a key sense and we are all seeking comfort. Weaving texture into an interior makes it more inviting and the idea of mixing fabrics and materials is on the rise. Material manipulation such as pleating and folding in velvets and kinds of cotton, plus huge stitches made of beautiful luxe yarn are at the heart of interior design in Boynton Beach.



Boynton Beach can sometimes feel a little small however your home doesn’t have to be that way. With the right furnishings, small spaces can be both beautiful and functional. If you’re not sure how to utilize your small space, book an appointment with our interior design experts. They’ll help you maximize your design space potential.


Executive Elegance also offers beautiful window treatments to match or complement a room. Made to measure drapery, panels, cornices, and swags of any style in any suitable fabric to create a refined finishing touch to all environments. Curtains in Boynton Beach are a luxurious feature that can really help shape a room and give that special touch. We carry a wide selection of the highest quality fabrics and materials for you to choose from. We can provide many samples of colors and finishes. Following recent interior design trends in Boynton Beach, tropical prints are a rising trend for 2017 onwards. The print appears in wallpaper and designer fabrics, although it may not be for everyone, with such bold statements.


There has been a hardwood flooring technique that has made an astonishing comeback after over 500 years out of the interior design world. In the 1500’s, the French invented a technique of filling in the grains in oak beams and paneling with a toxic paste derived from the lead. This was initially done to help prevent rot in oak beams.


Today that stylish finish is called cerused wood or cerused oak. A cerused finish will highlight the contrast between the grain and the rest of the surface. Oak is the go-to choice for a cerused finish due to its characteristic open grain, however other hardwoods like ash could also work. This trend which has been around in the high-end market for some time has finally trickled down and seems universally accepted. You'll see it on cabinets, but also in bigger pieces like tables, chairs, and storage furniture all across Boynton Beach.


Another wood style to keep an eye on in the Boynton Beach area is rustic. Rustic wood comes in many varieties, including: 


  • Maple 

  • Oak

  • Aspen 

  • Pine  

  • Walnut 


And it comes in many looks, such as:


  • Boards recycled from American barns to logs. 

  • Driftwood. 

  • Tree stumps.


Since rustic wood is all about the rough look, keep texture in mind when you select your other home furnishings. A rough texture like linen complements rustic wood, or use a smooth texture like silk as a contrast. Other home fashions that go well with rustic wood include textured flooring and items made from leather or silk. Rustic wood looks fabulous with white or light beige as a neutral because of the light, clean color brings out the beauty and grain of the wood. Effective accent colors include sage green and rusty red. Many people opt for smooth and refined wood when decorating their homes, and that’s a good choice. But consider adding rustic wood for an even more natural and woodsy feel that’s comforting, because it reminds us of the past.


Interior design and upholstery in Boynton Beach or any location can seem an overwhelming task, however, don't worry because Executive Elegance works to provide uncompromising upholstery services to customers from all walks of life. With over 42 years of experience combined, our staff, led by owner Carlos Cardona, specialize in upholstery and custom interior services for varying venues including residential, commercial, automotive, and marine. From bedroom furniture to your businesses lounge, our diversified hand-made services continue to capture the preference of consumers, business owners, and designers across South Florida and beyond. Furniture, upholstery, curtains, and the whole of interior design in Boynton Beach can be made easier with the professional help of Executive Elegance.



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