Who is Carlos Cardona?

Carlos began his journey in upholstery and interiors as a humble automotive upholstery repair man. In his native country of Colombia, with political turmoil on the horizon and socioeconomic unrest at his very doorstep, he decided to make the transition to the United States. Never one to shy away from a challenge, he set his sights on the capital of the world, New York City. After landing a job as a frame stripper in a small shop in queens, he instantly began to spread his roots. Learning a new language was not easy but galvanizing a reputation among the well-respected in the home décor industry was his goal. As his confidence began to build, so did his unforeseen ability to give the people what they desire. In only a matter of years, the quality of his craftsmanship spread like wild fire. He, however, kept his cool resolve.


Mr. Cardona has assisted with the success of over a dozen upholstery and interior design firms over the last 40 years. From Manhattan to Miami, one need only speak his name to see that it has become synonymous with “the best”. For us here at Executive Elegance, name dropping is merely unsavory. We like for our unbridled craftsmanship and design to do the talking. As Mr. Cardona always says “every piece has its own personality” and what he has taught us is to bring out the best in every piece. 

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